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tourmaline sous nos bons soins

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We try to provide them the best atmosphere, temperature, care and especially love in quantity ... My job allowing me to be available at each birth deliveries promotes calm for my moms and allows me to be vigilant if a difficulty arises. Besides, I'm very fortunate to get so many tips and help from my vet, Dr. Christine Côté and her assistants Sylvie & Stephanie who always kindly respond to my needs or those of my feline family. Thank you! 



Our cats live freely in the house because they are at home! When our pregnant mothers are about to give birth, they are comfortably installed in the Tourmaline maternity, where the temperature is controlled, continuous ventilation is optimal and the atmosphere is quiet and relaxing. This paradise we have made them meets the needs of our moms and our babies as they should not be in contact with other cats before their first vaccine. This is for their safety and we must be very strict for visits and hygiene. Our priority is the well-being and good health of our beloved cats. I would be happy to discuss with you and wish you a nice visit on the site.

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tourmaline griffe casimir of la tourmaline


The Legends' Temple

tourmaline vignette pantheon des chatons partis en adoption


Computerized Growth biometric data tracking tourmaline dossier felin biometrique quotidien informatique de nos chats et chatons
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We feed and recommend Top Quality Food tourmaline royal canin top quality food
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Automation system including temperature, humidity and lighting control 
tourmaline systeme domotique de ventilation temperature eclairage
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La Tourmaline is certified 100% ringworm-free
tourmaline soins des chats chatons et presence continue de la famille a la maison
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