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 From time to time, it happens that a kitten of La Tourmaline doesn't appears on this page because he is only available under some conditions. If you can follow these requirements, please contact us to know the kittens that are available and to know what kind of family we are looking for them.

Please note that  
to preserve the health and well-being of our beloved cats. 
Thank you for your understanding!



It is possible to reserve an available kitten or the first choice of a litter to come on payment of a non-refundable deposit. Simply contact us at the address below for more information on this subject.

We will also be pleased to publish on the website the current pictures of our kittens 
at birth, and when they are three to four weeks old and over.

For more information, including resevation, available kittens, our philosophy and shipping, contact us:


1st choice : Calico
(any litter)

2nd choice: Calico
or 1st choice: Bicolor
(any litter)

Phone: 418-732-0119

tourmaline service de livraison disponible

Shipping available *
* Fees not included



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tourmaline trousseau de depart nouveau chaton


Computerized Growth biometric data tracking tourmaline dossier felin biometrique quotidien informatique de nos chats et chatons
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We feed and recommend Top Quality Food tourmaline royal canin top quality food
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Automation system including temperature, humidity and lighting control 
tourmaline systeme domotique de ventilation temperature eclairage
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As there is always someone at home, our cats get all the care and love they needs
tourmaline soins des chats chatons et presence continue de la famille a la maison
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La Tourmaline is certified 100% ringworm-free
tourmaline soins des chats chatons et presence continue de la famille a la maison
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